We have our beginnings firmly in the north east residential window cleaning sector. With advances in technology, changes to Health & Safety law and our experience of over 30 years, private domestic clients as well as commercial and industrial clients can benefit.

We undertake gutter cleaning, cladding cleaning, and bird netting/spike installation in order to keep high rise buildings in tip-top condition. We have a team of fully trained rope access engineers to facilitate the testing, inspection and installation of horizontal fall arrest wire systems and work positioning eye bolts.

We also carry out stone cleaning and brick cleaning using a DOFF machine. DOFF is a stone cleaning system that uses high temperature steam of up to 150°C at the nozzle, and the temperature can be controlled by our operators to clean off paint and biological matter leaving the stone or brickwork looking like new again. DOFF cleaning with high temperature steam actually uses a low volume of water and the pressure on the surface is gentle, which means that it does not become saturated and will be dry within a few minutes. The DOFF system can also be used for things such as chewing gum removal.

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Reach & Wash Window Cleaning

Our most predominant service is window cleaning, accommodating hotels, house builders, construction companies, commercial & residential properties and more. We use a variety of methods including traditional and reach and wash. Traditional methods are generally used for cleaning internally and external low level windows. The reach and wash system is specifically designed for accessing windows of up to 65ft

The extendable water fed pole is lightweight and delivers a streak free finish using processed water to eliminate all minerals (de-ionized); The water fed pole system also eliminates the risk of falling from height using ladders. We carry out deep cleans to glass that require a large amount of attention to detail, this service primarily targets the construction sector/ house builders as windows can easily be contaminated with various materials such as concrete, render, glue and dirt. We use specialist chemicals to remove these contaminants from the glass.

As well as cleaning the glass itself, we also remove the protection tapes and clean the frames.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is extremely important to ensure no water ingress occurs. A build up of vegetation/ other pollutants in gutters means there is no free movement of water to the drainage system, water build up and overflow will eventually lead to potential thousands of pounds in repairs. We recommended 2 gutters cleans a year to any site, to ensure there is no dead foliage left after autumn and during the summer to remove any vegetation growing.

We use various methods of accessing gutters, from ladders, sky vacuums, rope access and via MEWP. We can unblock internal drainage systems by using flexi drainage rods also. All gutters will have images taken before and after, water tested and be recorded and reported to the client.

Internal Cleaning

We can provide various forms of internal cleaning to suit the needs of our clients, we currently have 2 internal cleaning departments, mobile and static. The mobile cleaners travel site-to-site cleaning office spaces and communal areas of residential blocks. We can offer daily, weekly and monthly site visits.

For larger sites that require constant attention we can supply static cleaners to remain onsite daily. We currently supply 200 hours per week at 2 sites located in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Managing the janitorial supplies ensuring soap and toilet rolls etc are kept stocked up. Ensuring communal toilets are cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis. Ensuring all welfare areas are kept clean and tidy Making sure that communal areas are mopped/ vacuumed Skirting boards, worktops and windowsills dusted regularly. And more.

Carpet Cleaning

We can carry out cleaning to carpets and upholstery. We use a wet vacum so that the dirt is extracted from the fabric. We vacum the carpet first to ensure all the dust/ loose dirt is removed. Then treat the carpet to help loosen any stains, for stubborn stains we use a hand buffer to work the treatment deep into the stain.

After the treatment, we use a heated wet vacum to clean the carpet. We offer this service to both commercial and residential areas.

Jetwash / Doff Cleaning

We use standard pressure washers to remove soft contaminants for a quick, cheap and satisfactory turn around. We also use a DOFF system which is a steam cleaner, the steam heats up to 150 degrees celius and can be used either under high or low pressure for the preseveance of the surface it is being used on, for example render would require low pressure and concrete floors high. The DOFF system is ideal from restoring old stonework. It is also an ideal solution for removing graffiti as it is melts the oils within. The DOFF system removes chewing gum with ease leaving satisfying results. It is also recommended to use on algae as the steam kills the spores ensuring it will not grow back. Pressure washing gives alage a haircut which can lead to a wider and thicker spread.

Builders Cleaning

We assist construction sites and house builders, such as Tolent, McAleer & Rushe and Taylor Wimpey. We carry out builder cleans removing the build up of heavy contamination from the trades working in the area, ready for the furnishing trades to come in. Once all works have been carried out, we re-visit site to carry out a sparkle clean to ensure there is no dust/dirt evident ready for the client hand over. Our employees have CSCS cards and adequate training to show they are competent to work onsite.

Bird Spiking/Netting

ISIS can carry out bird netting/spiking to the smallest of areas to prevent pigeons getting into ventilation systems to large areas like entire roof spaces and lightwells.

Fortunately, with the aid of rope access we can access most areas with ease, without having to use MEWP’s.

Graffiti Removal

We use a DOFF system which is a steam cleaner, it is an ideal solution for removing graffiti as it is melts the oils within the paint, the steam heats up to 150 degrees celius and can be used either under high or low pressure for the preseveance of the surface it is being used on, for example render would require low pressure and concrete floors high.

Chewing Gum Removal

New to our suite of services is our commercial chewing gum removal process. Utilising the Max Vac 7000 Gladiator Gum Removal machine, we are now able to provide safe, hygienic removal of chewing gum residue from paths and driveways on a large scale with minimal surface damage thanks to a unique combination of hot steam and variable brush technology.

Surfaces are left clean, free from gum residue and bacterial load without the need for harsh and damaging chemicals.

The Gladiator system can be operated by a single operator safely without the need for extensive public exclusion from sites and all our operatives are trained in the systems use in an efficient and sustainable manner.

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