Isis are working at height specialists undertaking commercial window cleaning nationwide and also the Republic of Ireland. We spend a considerable part of our lives working at height on very tall buildings using industrial rope access.

We have a team of fully trained rope access engineers to facilitate the testing, inspection and installation of horizontal fall arrest wire systems and work positioning eye bolts. Fall protection is an integral and obviously essential ingredient for everyone who is engaged in working at height. Additional services which we supply to our much-valued clients is “Loose Gear Testing”. This is the testing of items such as shackles, lifting slings, chain hoists, etc.

We also carry out advertising banner installation and removal such as the huge 20 metre banners that you have seen on the Baltic Centre in Gateshead.

Let’s be honest – what we do is not for everyone - but believe it or not we love it!

Window/Facade Cleaning

ISIS has a large array of clients for whom we carry out specialist window cleaning, some sites being very unique in how we access them. Sage in Gateshead for example, due to the curvature of the building it makes it difficult but achievable to safely carry out the clean through our experience. Many clients are surprised with the capabilities of using rope access to carry out cleans. We generally use the traditional method of window cleaning whilist abseiling, ensuring that all tools are connected by lanyard to the technicians, so there is no risk of the tools falling.

The technicians also make sure they corner off an exlcusion zone, so no members of public can enter it, again minimising the risk of falling objects. It is important to maintain the cleanliness of windows as it brightens work areas increasing motivation. The frequency of the cleans can vary depending on the environment and the utilisation of the site.

Facade cleaning is important to maintaining a clean site, we recommend an annual clean of the Facade to any site. A build up of dirt, alage and other contaminants can easily build up over the months and become noticable.

Building Repairs

We can carry out minor building repairs such as re-pointing, painting, rendering and other repairs. Most contractors try and use scaffolding to repair issues on sites, although this is an effective method it comes with a great cost. Rope access on the other hand is a quick and effective and cost effective way or resolving issues.

Banner Installations

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Fabric Maintenance

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Facade Inspections

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