Here at Isis Property Services, we utilise rope access methods for maintenance, access and cleaning services. It has many advantages over other methods of access, a few of the benefits include; safe and quicker alternatives to more traditional and more expensive means of access like MEWP’s and scaffolding for those hard to reach locations which require attention. It also minimises the impact on the surroundings whilst work is being carried out. Using rope access is fast, efficient, safer and cost-effective.


Our main objectives when carrying out work whilst utilising rope access methods is working efficiently and reducing man-at-risk hours. We carry out careful planning and risk assessments for each operation to ensure appropriate precautions are taken and optimal results are delivered.

 Get in touch with us today if you have any access issues and one of our specialist technicians will attend your site, put together a solutions package to suit your requirements.

Ever wondered how the humongous banner at the BALTIC is taken down and put up? In the clip below, a team of four use Industrial Rope Access techniques to scale the iconic building. At heights of around 140ft, it's not for the faint hearted!

ISIS Property Services Ltd dropping the North wall banner at the Baltic.