If you are already one of our customers, you will be aware that we swear by the Reach and Wash System for window cleaning. If you are new to us, you will have probably still seen this system being used somewhere as it very quickly became the most popular and successful method for window cleaning.

We are proud to be using Ionic systems for our equipment who are leaders in their field of work and enable us to deliver a streak free finish every time.

We are frequently questioned why we choose this method over the old simple bucket, sponge and squeegee set up. Below are some excellent reasons why we believe the Reach and Wash System is the superior trusted choice for this service:

  • Achieves superior results - As a customer satisfaction focused company it is important to us that we deliver work with the highest quality finish. With the constant feed of deionised water that is delivered through through an ergonomically designed telescopic pole up to heights of 80 feet, working from the safety of the ground. The fact that this equipment can also clean the frames at the same time as the windows, leaves it as a no brainer to why we heavily invest in this equipment.

  • Cleaner for longer - All the water using this system travels through a 5 stage filtration system, utilising reverse osmosis technology, deionising it in the process. This leaves the water with no static charge, resulting in a streak-free finish.

  • Health and Safety - It is not uncommon for windows to be in hard to reach locations, If they were to use the traditional method of using ladders it would increases the risk for our cleaning teams of the risk at falls from height. Luckily our state of the art system can reach up to 80 feet minimising unnecessary risk without compromising quality. After all falls from height are the UK’s number one killer in the workplace.

  • No damage to property - Accidents are always a possibility and ladders can damage guttering and other aspects of the property unintentionally. Luckily with the Reach and Wash system, this is not an issue and is another excellent reason to chose this system.

Our preferred supplier Ionic systems are world leaders in the manufacturing, design and continual improvement of this technology. We have built a strong relationship with them spanning over 20 years.

Here is how the system utilises ion exchange to soften hard water.