ISIS Property Services Ltd are approved installers of fall arrest, work positioning and work restraint systems. We test, install and certify all work at height systems, on all roof surfaces and on all commercial and industrial buildings in compliance with BS EN 795.

Multi Rail System

The video above demonstrates how Multi Rail utilises all the advantages of wire rope based and rail types systems. It works in accordance with European standards while it offers safety in hazardous areas and a huge range of installation opportunities

One of the many benefits of this system, it does not need to be serviced annually, resulting in reduced lifetime costs.


Wire Line System

We install Wire Line Systems to the highest standard, they are corrosion resistant stainless steel and are suitable for roofs, loading bays, and much more.

As well as being great to assist in carrying out general work, they also are an anchorage point, meaning they can be used to rescue any workers who fall, whilst preventing any structural damage in the event of an accident.

Conforms to EN 795:2012 Type D standard 

Eye Bolts

A new removable anchorage device which complies with EN 795, Type A. Approved to be used by two persons contemporarily.  

The anchor eyebolt can be removed and reinserted into the anchor socket. It can only be released by the user pressing the unlocking button. The eyebolt can swivel ensuring the user can be safely connected in any position. 

Both eyebolt and socket are made from stainless steel. The anchor socket should be fixed with chemical adhesive appropriate for the substrate.